Dear author,

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Dear re-author, communication is both ways always.
I am glad for any effort to contribute here.
If you should ever post anything here and have to experience, that your comment, remark or other contribution has been removed careless, I owe you this explanation:
In the last days, since I started this, I had manually to remove a thousand, one thousand (in numbers ”comments” that contained anything, but had none at all relation to the topics here.
So, please, use sentences, start with a capital, finish with a full stop, dot, period, however you may call it.
If English is your language, feel free to use English, of course.
- But be aware, it’s ”English”, all the time, those funny-heads use to post there ads or links or just phrase collections.
- Well, that’s leaving another out: If you want to be not regarded a spammer, avoid Cyrillic signs, too!
Apart from that, I sincerely do hope you enjoy the still given freedom of speech and thought through the internet and stay alert and pleased by others who do the same.
This has some advantage compared to a printed paper; one is your possibility to post yourself in reaction.
Thank you for your attention!

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  1. Thank you for blogging, please write more!

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