Forecast #2o2iii

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2023 – also writable as #2o2iii after #2o2o / #2o2i / #2o2ii –
shall be.
Nobody stops the Earth from rotating. It will happen.

Shoshana Zuboff

Shoshana Zuboff

Picture shows beautiful professor Shoshana Zuboff.
She warns of something similar as Edward Snowden does.
Its just a teaser to let You enjoy this article.


This stunning picture was,
what I had in mind to illustrate article “Forecast #2o2ii” with.
But at first I did not find it on my computer. Instead I found Shoshana. Also a stunning view and much meaning for our time. She goes directly at the evil by calling it #surveillanceCapitalism. That’s when total state is owned by private international players.
That’s what we have got. #BlackRock (and #Vanguard) is. States remain as their administrations on the local spot. #WEF and #WHO orchestrate free #press to make it sound something and to #manufactureConsent (that’s #Hopkins for #propaganda, the old word for modern #PR.) They rule #police and #customs and #EU’s famous #FRONTEX (a totally brutal police/ #coastguard -means to commit insane crimes, so the brutal pictures can be more widely ignored because not happening in Europe, civilized Europe.)
This crap, my “forecast,” becomes totally unreadable.
My fault. I am author.
I ought to focus upon writing a readable article – but I want to mention players, facts, insights, and aspects of the unforeseeable.
#conspiracyTheorist is a modern swearword. Designed to silence a doubtful speaker. And it is well-designed because it works for the majority. But the effective half-life between said “theory” and the insight that it actually became true …
It’s months only, by now. Months between loud laughter and fingers pointing at the silly warner to the wordless acknowledgement, that exactly THAT has shown to be true.
We have a global pest.
We were told to wait for the salvation from a needle.
Some weirdos with neither names nor titles nor insights nor any clue warned. Warned a lot.
We do get the cure. #impf. It’s called “vaccination” after artful changing definitions. Funnily same with definition what – for heaven’s sake a “pest” means and what is required to shout out “we have a global pandemic.”
Shows that the long awaited “cure” IS the real pest. The needle spreads it. Everybody who’s taken obediently their “jabs,” “shots,” “vax” gets ill. With said pest or another serious issue or sudden death. That’s a thing now. #suddenlyAndUnexpected trended. For short.
We are – again miraculously – even protected from our very own topics. They get deleted.
Rudy! Get back to the topic. Try for once not to exaggerate and to be short, sharp, and helpful.
Pest, cure, “side-effects,” silence, war, pipeline, shortness of energy,
surveillance and #HäppyHäppy playing along to have Your very movements, contacts, meetings, how long, how close, where? monitored and digested by a well-informed #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #KI.
To be seamlessly reused when #climate and #CO2footprint become the posh new criteria,
combined with Thy #ID2020 flawless digital ID.
Ah. Shut up. It actually IS the shortest I can come to think of, in order to make clear how many loose ends are the rope. How many factors do play a role. The genes of mankind ARE being manipulated. WHO says so; itself on their very homepage. Go there, August #2o2i (2021) they say “new recommendations human genome editing.” The weather IS being manipulated. #WEF suggests that experts lead “Dim The Sun.”
War isn’t peace. They support war and declare the failed and corrupt state #Ukraine a fortress of European values and freedom – and churches praise weapons.
Forecast 2023
Well. Skip angst. Forget all fears. What could be feared IS TRUE.
THE EVIL is in effect, it rules, it gouverns, it administrates, it even manages to be tolerated by the majority of good people who want to think no evil.
The evil IS. The solid anticipation that something’s off rail turned into crippling insight, that there’s no way back, no constitutional force to correct this, no political glimpse of hope. What used to be good left politics turned elsewhere. We are in fact so desperate, that even “nationalism” – once a very progressive movement AGaiNST god-given emperors, kings, kaisers, czars – MIGHT JUST be a movement against globalism, which is a word for

OK. Sorry.
Here we are. It is #2o2iii. Year of pest number three.
To fear something might go wrong ignores that everything proofed to already be wrong.
Forecast: Expect worst. Expect it to be surprisingly brutal, painful, personal, deadly, and expect that nobody cares –
as You cared not so far and as there’s no public discourse about what the fuck happened.
It’s same/same everywhere. You talk secretly between two: Everybody knows and suffers (in private and personally.) Nobody has any hope, nobody speaks out.
Based on that:
The Forecast.
There’s more to come. Only more. Of the worst. You shall lose Beloveds, all trust in institutions and family and “values.” If You switch not into anarchist-survival mode,
You’re gone. Maybe not #2o2iii, but soon.

#vonderLeyen #Schwab #WEF

#vonderLeyen #Schwab #WEF

The picture
of what to expect 2023.
That neither is my invention
nor my silly, sick, pathological anticipation. It is, what You Yourself can see, smell, read, know, shake off, if You are capable of the required amounts of self-betrayal.

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