The Nazi Near Everybody

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What comes from what? And what leads to what?
If You have somebody denying the evil of Reich III, You have a neoNazi. If that person is old, old enough, You have an original one. A genuine Nazi.
That’s a question of age.
Now, if You have somebody who is old, old enough, but a child back then, that wasn’t a doer, but who’s entire family was at least somehow evolved in not-resisting, what do You have then?
Back then a child, nowadays a descendant from people and times one does not want to speak or think bad about – rather be gardening sweet memories and beholding thankful love? And upon question that kneejerk reaction to actually DEFEND “I cannot judge (oh, well You can / You do not want to.) There’s a lot of people who say, It Wasn’t All Bad (did I really hear that? That’s ORIGINAL NAZI speak?)”
And upon next question “Who are those?” – - “One, two names at least.” – - “Who?” And there’s nobody being named, after it before were ‘a lot of’ people.’
Then You do have somebody.
Somebody who committed no crime. No killing of jews, no weaponized entry into all neighbour-countries, no separating worthy from worthless lives.
Bonhoeffer called those The Real Evil.
In contradiction to the flaming doers or the collaborateurs who saw their careers blossom in joining the fashion of fascism, this one is corrupted by own little reasons.

Next chapter.
What do we have now?
Spring #2o2o a pest-regime took over the world.
Health is nothing to ever argue with. It is or it isn’t and soon we saw that
NOTHING had to remain as-it-ever-was
that without health nothing is anything. We’re vulnerable creatures and our “civilisations” or “cultures” can be all different at the setting of one switch. Switch – and the skies are cleared of aircraft and all the white stripes they started to paint 20 years ago.
No health = no life, and all the other questions are obsolete.
When You’re dead all earthly matters matter no more.
My inner Rudy:
But some things do matter, no matter.

Spring #2o2o pest-regime took over the World.
Summer 2o2o all was set, mentally. Those who bought the story against those who doubted.

And again: The door one chose to enter the New Time will keep utter relevance for generations to come.
That is by choosing the story one will tell, by picking the boundaries one will think and argue in, and very physically.
What now goes under the name “vaccination” is genetic modification. A thing consumers rightfully were critical of, when it concerned food and seeds.
A thing a huge number of parents now did do to their offspring. The genetically modified human
now is a thing – with absolutely unknown consequences for a future. Allowed be the question, if any future at all. Yuval #Harari predicted a last generation of homo sapiens, to be wiped off Earth by a new species.
Interestingly #WEF and #WHO are driving forces. Who lives in which corner of the world, to remain untouched by what World Health Organization declares?
WHO 2i VII eng
And Nazi?
Well, modern men made their children be “vaccinated” and to be good role models, they took the infusion themselves. Turns out critics were right. This shot converts to true unpredictable hell inside human bodies. People die #suddenlyAndUnexpected or develop #neverSeen inner inflammations or series of before known issues do break out. – In fact very soon those “vaccinated” posted and boasted with how well they survived the shot. Imagine. They took the cure because of a comparatively mild pest.
Now boasting to survive the cure.
And those will never, because they never can, admit how insane it was to have trusted gouvernment by taking the cure, in order to protect their children.
Those who do this to us, they do know their psychology. They know it just too well.
They look upon us in despise.
They manipulate our thinking since generations (simply by informing us) and now they put an end to that, what they consider “overpopulation.” Ironically they do start with the most academic, best educated, wealthy well-equipped.
Now every child of the better ones gets #Corona a number of times, has issues the hospital never saw before, has brain surgery with 22. And everybody will defend the #measures, and since once all this happened, #Ukraine is OK, who sabotaged the #pipeline is irrelevant, #climate is the new hot shit.
Climate (DO BE environmentally friendly) allows without refusal to torture each individual and to punish for sins against Mother Nature.
Health (DO BE “vaccinated”) allows without refusal TO CONTROL each and every body everywhere.
That leads to the very good effect of a faultfree worldwide registering of individuals by name, number, fingerprint, eyescan, which makes possible administration by #AI artificial intelligence. Other hashtags for the new good are #ID2020 #KI #smartCity, which even openly is considered the better thing after democracy.

As with Nazis
the sheer scale of crimes again, is too monstrous to even gasp it. As with Nazis again, the mentioning of doubts make the speaker be ‘atrocity propaganda’ or ‘conspiracy theorist.’ As with Nazis again, it does not matter how relevant and obvious conspiracies definitely do have had their impact on the world, on history. It does not matter that from “theory” (forcefully denied by #factCheckers) to oh-so-that-was-true we now can count in months, and weeks.
Bonhoeffer saw the doers clearly. The vast mass of people who had their own reasons to not call the evil for The Evil,
he considered the true pest.
Right he was. Nice people, doing . . . are neither nice nor harmless.

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